E-Wallets Used at Online Casinos

Various e-wallet payment methods are currently, (as of 2019), being used globally. With the digitization of payment methods, one can quickly create an account online and store their financial information safely. E-wallets are convenient and safe to use. These payment methods have been thoroughly tested by casino experts, and other professionals alike, and have proven to be reliable, with some even standing the test of time. They include Skrill, Netteller, and PayPal.


This payment method is one of the most secure which one can use online. Formerly it was called Moneybookers when it was founded in 2001. Skrill is regulated by the Financial Service Authority of the United Kingdom. Being a popular payment method and a rival to Neteller, the company has been able to acquire European competitors over the years. Thus, it is one of the biggest and most popular options on the internet.


Neteller is one of the most extensively available payment methods on the net. Since it’s widely available, it has been associated with many gambling sites, including sportsbooks, online casinos and poker rooms. The company got into trouble in 2005 with the United States Department of Justice, when it handled substantial gambling cash which exceeded 80 percent of the online gambling transactions. This forced them to pay a fine of over $300 million to get out of trouble. Since then, Neteller chose to stay out of the US market, but instead, migrated to the British Isles, where it is doing well, and it is on the verge of partnering with Mastercard, specifically on prepaid cards.


Globally, PayPal is well known, and it has gained the trust of Europeans, North Americans and other customers all over the world. This makes it one of the most reliable e-wallets around the globe. In 2002, eBay, which is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, purchased PayPal. This further raised the trust of PayPal as a reliable payment method among users. However, compared to other e-wallets, the casinos which support PayPal are fewer than those that support Neteller and Skrill.